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We were thoroughly satisfied, even though the double room is really too small for rainy days. We found the apartments most satisfactory. The hotel has a particular charm that we really liked. Breakfast and dinner were excellent.

Hamm family, April 2014

It was SUCH a nice, relaxing holiday - I'd like to thank you to all again for this break.

The staff were so friendly and relaxed. I'd also like to thank Ms Nalan, who was always happy to lend an ear!

C.Kress, May 2014

You can only recommend the Kale Hotel. Very friendly service, the food was really good, and you got good value for money. The family atmosphere makes you feel really accepted and enables you to enjoy a relaxing holiday. I would especially like to mention Hakan, who looks after his guests considerately and is always in a good mood. I had a really nice holiday.

B.S., May 2014

I have already enjoyed holidays in Kas more than once, and I plan to do so again in future.

My spouse, who is now having his first ever holiday in Turkey, is thoroughly delighted by the "living room charm", as he has lovingly called it. In any event, he plans to come again.

For people who would like to enjoy a completely original kind of holiday, who would like to experience the people there in pleasantly close proximity, Kas is the ideal holiday destination. With nature which is still relatively unspoilt, the beautiful turquoise sea surrounded by picturesque and rugged green mountains and their famous cave tombs, picturesque bathing bays, and enough opportunities for many wonderful activities, such as hikes in the mountains and adventures (paragliding, trekking, mountain biking, cultural experiences, etc.), this place is really something special.

The many picturesque little alleys in the place, the many little hidden restaurants in the lanes, and the charm of the little port with its breathtaking view of Kas and the mountains enchanted us. The beautiful little shops with all their treasures and many traditional wares...

We will come again!

Thank you for all your help and support. We felt that your travel company treated us well and we will contact you again!

Best wishes,

Fr. Stromer, June 2014

Dear Ms Krickl

We had a FABULOUS time in the Kale Otel in Kas and both enjoyed our time there enormously. We will be back as soon as we can be.

The only thing I would say is that we think you should forbid guests from smoking PIPES & CIGARS as the smell is overwhelming at the Leymona Beach which we loved and where we spent most of our time. Apart from that - everything was perfect and the staff were very helpful, courteous and friendly.

We congratulate you and your partners - an excellent place.

Sarah Matters, Cleveland, Ohio , August 2010


Our vacation and stay at Kale was great! Very calm, chilled atmosphere. We visited gülsen alot since our friends lived there and it was also great. The Kale staff didnt speak that much english but we managed to communicate with basic English (and some very basic German from our part =) The important part is that they where very friendly and made us feel welcome.

The A.C in the room was an absolute lifesaver in the extreme heat during the day. An actual fridge in the room instead of the cooling locker would have been great, but that wasnt a problem really.

My friend said that our time in Kas was the best vaccation hes ever been to. Its definetly somewhere in the top 5 for me aswell (amongst Japan, brazil, portugal and so fort =). The surrounding mountains and the kekowa boattrip was breathtaking!

July 2010

... just back from Kas, and I`d like to let you know that our week there was absolutely fantastic. We liked Hotel Kale very muchm it has a small but exclusive fell. The hotel staff were very attentive, and the activities in the "spring special" were interesting and varied. All in all, it ws a wonderul week.

This was definitely not my last visit to Kas.

Please keep my name on your distribution list so that I can stay in touch be notified of any specials.

B. Breede

I want to thank you for the beautiful holiday in Turkey. Everything was incredible. I read your information brochure in Hotel Kale and I can totally understand why you chose this lovely little place. I`ve never done so little reading while on holiday as when I was in Kas because I was fully occupied "photographing" everything with my eyes to take it all in. It`s obvious that everything is done with love. All the staff are nice and their work is exceptional. At the end of the two weeks my son didn`t want to go home and cried bitterly. Isn`t that the ultimate compliment? Until now we were loyal friends to Greece beause we`ve been going there for ten years and have a lot of friends ther (away from the touristy areas). But now, part of my heart belongs to Kas!!! Keep up the good work!!!

I. and M. Tschierse